4422 Hi-Lite Red

4400 Series Hi-Lite Interference Colors

Accent pearl-flakes for subtle pearl effects in direct light. Hi-Lites are best applied in sparing amounts as a light pearl-coat applied over a base or mid-coat. Hi – Lites effects look similar to the pearlescent effect of fish scale (they’re perfect for custom fish lures). 

4424 Hi – Lite Interference Blue works excellent as a subtle accent pearl over a silver finish for an added “glow” in direct light creating incredible dimension and brilliance.  Many other effects are possible by color-keying Hi – Lite colors with various 4300 Series Pearlescent & Metallic Base Colors.

Concentrated in bottle. For small areas and graphics, reduction with 4012 is sufficient. For larger panels and spray-gun application, extend concentration further to avoid excess build-up of the Hi – Lite by mixing with either 4004 Transparent Base or 4030 Inter – Coat plus a 10% reduction with 4012. Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.

2017 Auto Air 4400 and 4500 Series Color Chart