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Auto-Air Colors 4650 - candy₂O Blood Red
Auto-Air Colors 4651 - candy₂O Sunset Magenta
Auto-Air Colors 4652 - candy₂O Tequila Yellow
Auto-Air Colors 4653 - candy₂O Lemon Yellow
Auto-Air Colors 4654 - candy₂O Grabber Orange
Auto-Air Colors 4655 - candy₂O Marine Blue
Auto-Air Colors 4656 - candy₂O Midnight Blue
Auto-Air Colors 4657 - candy₂O Caribe
Auto-Air Colors 4658 - candy₂O Ultra Violet
Auto-Air Colors 4659 - candy₂O Deep Purple
Auto-Air Colors 4660 - candy₂O Poison Green
Auto-Air Colors 4661 - candy₂O Emerald Green
Auto-Air Colors 4662 - candy₂O Dirt Track Brown
Auto-Air Colors 4663 - candy₂O Red Oxide
Auto-Air Colors 4664 - candy₂O Black

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100% transparent colors made with aniline dyes suitable for automotive refinishing and exterior applications.

are concentrate. Add 30 - 100% per volume 4030 Balancing Clear for spray performance. Optional lowering of viscosity is achieved by reducing with 4012 High Performance Reducer.

work as 1) mid-coat colors over a metallic base, 2) as candy-pearl colors when mixed with Auto Air 4300 Series Colors and 3) as tints to create special custom colors, for example tinting Auto Air Metallic Colors with candy2o Dirt Track Brown to create deep, earth-toned hues.

are intense. 4 – 6 medium wet coats are recommended for full color saturation. Allow each coat to air dry tack free prior; approximately 10 minutes flash-time in between coats when painting in non-humid, temperate conditions around 70 deg. F.  Adjust drying times in humid or colder conditions.

work with a wide variety of spray-gun and airbrushes. The following specs are recommended as a starting point. As always, achieving a finely atomized spray pattern is the goal. When using a spray-gun, mixing candy2o 1:1 4030 Balancing Clear allows for best application to achieve an even color-build without mottling.

  • spray-gun: 1.1 – 1.2mm tip, 26 – 29 psi
  • mini-gun: 0.8 – 1.0mm, 26 - 29 psi
  • airbrush: 0.18 - 0.5mm, generally add 25 – 50% 4030 Balancing Clear and reduce as needed with mixing with 4012 High Performance Reducer.