4040 Bleed Checker

4040 Bleed Checker

A water-based, acrylic-urethane clear for use as a protective inter-coat applied over candy2o to prevent dyes from leaching ("bleeding") into top-coated colors and clear.

  • Apply 4040 unreduced, straight from the bottle. Underlying colors do not have to be sanded prior to applying 4040.
  • Apply 2 medium wet coats with a 5 – 10 minute flash time in between coats.
  • Allow 30 – 60 minutes dry time after last coat of 4040 before top-coating with paint or clear.
  • Refer to 4040 Technical Data Sheetfor more information.

Quick Guide:

  • 4030 Balancing Clear – Water-based, urethane clear. For mixing with any Createx paint to create an acrylic-urethane resin blend resulting in a paint with enhanced spray and coating performance. Also works an inter-coat clear.
  • 4011 Reducer – Standard thinner for all Createx paints. Compared with 4012, 4011 Reducer is better for painting in hotter, more arid conditions and temperature-controlled environments.
  • 4012 Reducer – Standard thinner for all Createx paints. Compared with 4011, 4012 Reducer is faster and better in humid & cooler spray environments.
  • 4020 Reducer – A specialty reducer containing Acetone for painting in humid or cold conditions. Best mixed with 4011 or 4012 Reducer in small increments instead of using as sole thinner.
  • 4008 Restorer – Removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun.

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