Anodized Candy Colors - candy2o plus 4104 Quicksilver
Anpdized candy sets
Anodized. Candy2o over Quicksilver Chrome

candy2o applied over Quicksilver Chrome creates deep, rich anodized candy colors. Mix candy2o 1:1 4030 Balancing Clear and apply over 4104 Quicksilver, under which 4258 Gloss Black is applied for a reflective base.

candy2o over 4104 Quicksilver

candy2o over 4104 Quicksilver

Anodized. Candy2o mixed with Quicksilver Chrome

Mix candy2o with Quicksilver Chrome for a unique anodized chrome color which sprays like a semi-opaque in that a color ceiling is achieved after 3 – 4 coats making candy & chrome mix colors forgiving when spray-pattern is not exact, unlike traditional candy paintjobs.

Mix candy2o 1 : 1 4103 Quicksilver Chrome : 1 4040 Bleed Checker. (All equal parts in mix; use of 4012 not required). Apply over base of AutoBorne Sealer 6001 White or 6003 Grey.

candy2o mixed with 4104 Quicksilver