4020 is a specialty thinner for use when painting in humid or cold conditions.

Generally added 10% per volume to paint.

Makes paint flow easy with minimal tip-dry.

Colors dry faster, cure to a harder coating compared with reducing with 4012.

Contains Acetone and Glycol Ethers.

Use only in controlled spray environments with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.

4000 Series Quick Guide:

  • 4030 Balancing Clear | Mix Additive – Essential additive that enhances spray performance & coating durability. Mix with all Auto-Air Colors prior to use.
  • 4012 – Standard thinner for lower viscosity for airbrush use.
  • 4020 – A specialty reducer for painting in humid or cold conditions.
  • 4008 Restorer – removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun.
2017 Createx Reduction Matrix Reduction Matrix
Reducing Auto-Air Colors for Airbrush
Reducing Auto-Air Colors for Spray-Gun