6001 AutoBorne Sealer White

Starting base for Createx Colors. For application to hard surfaces and automotive refinishing. Cures to a hard coating which shaves well when dry-sanded and over-which colors flow-out for a level, smooth finish.

Color key pearlescent and fluorescent colors with AutoBorne Sealer Colors for improved coverage.

  • Dilute 5 – 10% 4012
  • Best applied with
  • Spray gun: 1.4 – 1.3mm, 22 – 25 psi
  • Airbrush: large volume & tip-sized, +0.5mm, 27 - 30+ psi

Apply direct to most any substrate including aluminum, wood, fiberglass and plastic.

6000 Transparent Sealer is a clear primer-sealer. Use as:

  • Adhesion promoter. Apply 6000 direct to most plastics. For difficult to paint plastics, 4016 Cross-Linker may be added for improved adhesion and scratch & mar resistance.
  • Clear for mixing with dry pearl & metal flake. Apply as a pearl-inter-coat

6013 Silver Sealer is ground coat for Aluminum Colors 41014103 and other silvers

See AutoBorne Sealer Technical Data Sheet for more information.